47 – Interview with Jeremy Tate on the Classics Learning Test, Modern Education, and Christianity

In this episode Jeremiah speaks with Jeremy Tate, who is the cofounder and CEO of the Classics Learning Test. The Classics Learning Test, also known as the CLT, is a college entrance exam growing in popularity as a competitor to the SAT and ACT tests. In this interview we talked about Tate’s vision behind the…

45 – Interview with Justin Sarachik on Christian Hip Hop, Belief, and Family

Justin Sarachik is the editor in chief of Rapzilla.com, an online magazine covering Christian hip hop and rap. He’s been a journalist for many years, and has written for such publications as the Christian Post and Relevant magazine. We talked about the state of Christian hip hop, his personal perspective on Christian belief, the need…

44 – Let God Work it in You

In this episode Jeremiah discusses a spiritual mechanism of transformation. The hypothesis is that when we address our own internal reactions or problems, we must include God and His power or we will not change. The experiment is to give our problems to God and let Him work the change within us. 

Monday Good Stuff – Try it Again

What do we do when we have dreams unfulfilled? What do we do when we work on something that doesn’t seem to work out? I was asking these question a lot last week, and spent a lot of time talking to God about it. Here’s the answer I got back: try it again..

Displace the Negative

Sometimes we are so invested in a problem that we cannot see past it. When a negative reaction or situation won’t change no matter what we try, it may be because we are trying too hard to figure out the answer. We could look at the issue from every angle, but doing so makes the…