Interview: Dr. Geordie Ziegler on Relational Formation

Jeremiah interviews Dr. Geordie Ziegler about spirituality, devotional activities, and the importance of a relationship with God. Dr. Ziegler is a Presbyterian minister and Christian academic who specializes in spiritual formation. 

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  1. This is a gracious exchange between two honorable and honest men who know and love God’s word. It is healthy to talk about what we believe, and our personal relationship with God. It is so good to hear how another understands the walk, and the growth, in our life with God.
    Several high points for me:
    1) the value of mentors, and the realization that they aren’t perfect, but can be a key to your maturation,
    2) the discussion about a person’s spirit not being alive without the reception, the connection to the Holy Spirit,
    3) living with the Trinity in your daily relating to God, rather than assigning the different persons of God to different phases of your life,
    4) the value and habits of staying aware of God and talking with him through the day,
    5) recognizing we are pulled into the relationship Jesus has with the Heavenly Father.

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