81 – The Principle of Return

The hypothesis of this episode is that whatever we give out is what we receive, whether positive or negative, and that this is an important spiritual principle which has profound effects on lives. The experiment is to identify what you need, and intentionally take action to give that out to others.

80 – Rearrange Your Furniture

In this episode Jeremiah talks about making external changes to help our internal lives. The hypothesis is that sometimes we need to update our spaces or our schedules in order to accommodate internal change. The experiment is to look at how your needs and desires have shifted and to rearrange one external thing to help…

67 – So Many Kinds of Prayer

In this episode Jeremiah discusses the major topics of prayer as presented in the writings of Paul. The hypothesis is that prayer is multidimensional, and that we should utilize more kinds of prayer in our devotional lives. The experiment is to explore different approaches to prayer in order to deepen our relationship with God. Special…

66 – Sing to God

The hypothesis of this episode is that singing to God is a powerful and unique expression in our relationship with Him. The experiment is to sing to God. As Martin Luther said, “As long as we live, there is never enough singing.”