80 – Rearrange Your Furniture

In this episode Jeremiah talks about making external changes to help our internal lives. The hypothesis is that sometimes we need to update our spaces or our schedules in order to accommodate internal change. The experiment is to look at how your needs and desires have shifted and to rearrange one external thing to help…

44 – Let God Work it in You

In this episode Jeremiah discusses a spiritual mechanism of transformation. The hypothesis is that when we address our own internal reactions or problems, we must include God and His power or we will not change. The experiment is to give our problems to God and let Him work the change within us. 

42 – The Undertow of Habit

The hypothesis of this episode is that our lives can easily fall into a routine that does not reflect our priorities. The experiment is to identify where our schedules and habits do not line up to the vision we have for our lives, and to include God as we make a plan to institute change.