105 – They Bowed Down to Jesus: A Conversation (Matthew 14:33)

Jeremiah has a conversation with his father, centered on the story of the disciples bowing down to Jesus after He walked on water (Matt. 14:33). In this story, the disciples worshiped Jesus in a spontaneous and personal response, which expressed a witness of who He was as the Son of God. We, too, must find our personal experience of knowing Jesus afresh, and bowing down to Him in a personal way. 


  1. I really appreciate listening to this. It is confirmation to something on my heart that I have been reaching for in the Lord. I was reading Andrew Murray’s essay on humility recently and I felt something very deep in it which is a much needed transformation in all “those who fear the Lord…” Humility is truly saying, “You are great, and I am not.” Worship. Reconnecting with the touch of His presence on my life.

  2. Such a great conversation, warm and touching. In this conversation you and your father create an awareness and encourage us to reach for and watch for the experiences with God and His Christ.

    Some of the phrases that stood out for me: finding encounters with Him, overwhelmed by God and His goodness, recognizing your diminutive stature compared to God’s majesty, the bowing of the lesser to the greater, expressing your inner intention in those moments of experience with God, saying, “You are great, and I am not.”

    Thank you both for the rich message!

  3. Besides an awesome message, it was so wonderful to hear the voices of two people whom I love! I miss you guys! But it made for my perfect Sunday devotional! And I was actually looking for the first joint podcast you did on worship when this popped up! Can you please give me the number/title of the first one (and 2nd?)

    1. Hi Franny! Thank you for your kind words. The other two conversations with my father are episodes 83 (“Worship and Bowing Down: A Conversation”), and 92 (“In Spirit and In Truth: A Conversation”). Hope you enjoy them, as well. Many blessings and much love to you and your family!

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