143 – Get in Touch with Your Unique Witness

In this episode Jeremiah talks what it means to be a witness. The hypothesis is that being a witness is a powerful spiritual truth predicated on the experiences of what you have seen and heard of God in your life. The experiment is to share what you’ve witnessed to the people close to you in order to personally clarify your understanding of these experiences with God.

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  1. Your witness is powerful, I can say this from experience. I would stress that it is important to know what is real to you. That honest place has the force of God’s presence. The experience does not have to be great and mighty. What He did in your life is wonderful to you because He is great and mighty.
    A witness retells what he or she knows, what happened in their lives. It is a sensitive moment, and I have felt vulnerable in the telling. But that is when He is present, because you have let Him in.
    It builds your intimate relationships too, because the trust increases as you let God be between you.

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