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  1. Jeremiah, this couldn’t have been more timely for me. I usually listen to your podcast within a day or two after it comes out, but this time I hadn’t yet heard it. I woke up early this morning and sat down to pour out my complaint to God (through journaling). Left for work in the midst of a ferocious tantrum of raging grief over promises seemingly unfulfilled with the death of my husband, Rick. Turned on your podcast to listen to on my way to work…it could not have been more appropriate. I cried all the way there and pulled into my parking space just as it was ending. I listened to it again on my way home. I still don’t have the answers but it helps to be reminded that He wants to help and to heal my broken heart, and that maybe He’s not mad at me for being mad at Him, for grieving so fiercely. I don’t know how to express my experience but I am thankful I heard this podcast today.

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