153 – You Are Only Responsible For What God Has Given You

In this episode Jeremiah talks about responsibility, obligation, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. The hypothesis is that we should only carry the burdens that Jesus places on our hearts, and to only act upon the gifts that God has given to us. The experiment is drop any obligations that go beyond the will of God in your life, and to recognize that you are only responsible for what God has given to you.

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  1. We see so many things that are wrong in the world, people in need, the planet in pain. It is easy to feel obligated to fix, to address, to fight, to correct. I have found my best response is to express my concern in prayer,
    and entrusting things to God as I see things that tug at my heart. He knows how to love in all those situations. I am not sure I do.

    It is an essential discipline for me to bring the day and the week to Him. I am learning to take the steps for today, following Him and going where He leads me. On the way, He has equipped me to touch the world WITH Him.

    I appreciate the reminder to “Do my part with all my heart.” I am not THE answer, I am part of the people who are His answer. I am not obligated to fix everything I see. And I choose not leave His company to go anxiously and do good things. I choose rather to go with Him wherever He involves

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