196 – How Do We Relate to the Trinity?: A Conversation

Jeremiah and his dad talk about the challenges involved in relating to the Trinity. Topics include how we overcome the possible hurdles in our heart when relating to one Person of the Trinity, as well as the conflict between a relational approach to Christianity and the Western desire for objectivity and logic.  


  1. I have been reading Relational Christianity also–very thoughtful book! A paraphrase about the Trinity from pages 40-41:

    While we recognize distinctions of personhood and complementarity of their roles and functions, the Trinity chooses to live in communion rather than hierarchy, living in the interpenetrating and mutual indwelling of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  2. I too have been reading Relational Christianity and my story is a little different. To this point in my life, the Holy Spirit has taken a back seat in my prayers, and Jesus and the Father are the ones I relate to most of the time. The Holy Spirit has been just a breath / breeze / puff of air that I rely on to bring me to the Father. Since reading and studying this book, the Holy Spirit has become for me an important third person of the Trinity. It’s an exercise for me to actually talk to the Holy Spirit in my prayers and be thankful for Him, as well as be thankful for Jesus and the Father….yes, they are 3-in-One, but also unique in their being. I’m guessing that most of us are missing relationship with at least 1 person of the Trinity. Thank you both for this conversation!

    1. Haha! Sorry, the Holy Spirit has been far more than a “puff of air” to me 😅, but I haven’t related to him as a person in the Trinity.

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