91 – The Agenda of Love

In this episode, Jeremiah talks about our motivations in our relationships with others. The hypothesis is that our primary agenda in any relationship must be love. The experiment is to search our hearts to be honest about our motivations, and to practice making love our priority.

88 – Transformative Honesty

The hypothesis of this episode is that when we are honest with God, we build a relationship of trust which allows God to move in transformative ways. The experiment is to take time everyday to speak truthfully to the Heavenly Father about the deeper things in your heart. The God Experiment is a podcast dedicated…

62 – Let Your Guard Down With God

Jeremiah discusses about the importance of letting our guard down with God. The hypothesis is that we must take our guard down if we want to have an ongoing, intimate relationship with God. The experiment is to consciously take our guard down whenever we seek Him.