197 – It Doesn’t Always Make Sense

Jeremiah talks about being sensitive and responsive to God’s voice. The hypothesis is that it doesn’t always make sense when God directs us in our lives. The experiment is to respond to His leading, regardless of our level of understanding. This episode also discusses how The God Experiment will no longer be a weekly podcast. 

182 – Who Do You Think You Are?

Jeremiah talks about our self-conception. The hypothesis is that we should not take for granted that our current sense of identity is, in fact, God’s current definition of who we are. The experiment is to tell the Heavenly Father what you think about yourself, and ask Him to speak to you anew.

156 – Toxic Positivity: A Conversation

Jeremiah talks with his friend Lauren about the concept of “toxic positivity.” This intriguing idea suggests that knee-jerk positivity and the prioritization of problem-solving are not healthy ways to address someone’s emotional needs. Rather, we should assume a Christlike approach which validates people as being worthy of our time and attention, and expresses our love…

137 – Don’t Fight the Positive

Jeremiah talks about how we must put in the work to properly accept God’s blessings. The hypothesis is that it is too easy to expect the negative and reject the positive. The experiment is to put in the effort to accept God’s love as it is expressed in compliments and blessings.