162 – The Religious and the Relational: A Conversation

Jeremiah talks with his dad about the religious and relational approaches to Christianity. They agree that God makes a way for everyone to know Him, both in and out of the liturgical context. This conversation includes such topics as listening, worship, creativity, and the challenges of a relationship with God. 


  1. While this podcast has often emphasized the honest personal and private expressions of connecting with God, the discussion here recognizes that the one who seeks God in the traditional or carefully structured forms of meeting and worshipping God will find Him responsive. “In the day you seek me with all your heart you will surely find Me.”

  2. This is beautiful. We listen to The God Experiment as a family every week and this episode was what we were looking for to share with our young adult children regarding how to personally relate to the Lord, to be in His Presence. We especially appreciated the expression of love for all people and the closing prayer.

  3. I can listen to this over and over, and get something new from it each time. Thank you so much!

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