186 – You Are Never too Mature to Repent

Jeremiah tackles the topics of humility and repentance. The hypothesis is that there will always be internal issues for you to repent over. The experiment is to choose not to rest in your previous spiritual success, but to ask God for further transformation in your process of repentance. Scriptures include James 3 and Isaiah 55.

88 – Transformative Honesty

The hypothesis of this episode is that when we are honest with God, we build a relationship of trust which allows God to move in transformative ways. The experiment is to take time everyday to speak truthfully to the Heavenly Father about the deeper things in your heart. The God Experiment is a podcast dedicated…

44 – Let God Work it in You

In this episode Jeremiah discusses a spiritual mechanism of transformation. The hypothesis is that when we address our own internal reactions or problems, we must include God and His power or we will not change. The experiment is to give our problems to God and let Him work the change within us.