186 – You Are Never too Mature to Repent

Jeremiah tackles the topics of humility and repentance. The hypothesis is that there will always be internal issues for you to repent over. The experiment is to choose not to rest in your previous spiritual success, but to ask God for further transformation in your process of repentance. Scriptures include James 3 and Isaiah 55.

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  1. Rich Attitudes of Life!
    Some of my favorite quotes:
    “Why do we insist on trying to be perfect for God? He just needs you! What if you’ve already been transformed in an area of your life, but God wants to make it deeper? Will you be open and recognize this?
    Let us live in the present tense with God. That will require some humility and repentance, but as a close son or daughter to the Heavenly Father, this life is a fun process! One of the greatest things you can do to invite His presence today is to repent. He is determined not to leave you behind! “

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