109 – Contemplating the Humanity of the Infant Jesus

The hypothesis of this episode is that contemplating Jesus’ humanity helps us to relate correctly to our own humanity. The experiment is to meditate on the newborn Jesus—to imagine this little child so full of promise—in order to connect with Jesus, our older brother.


  1. Such a great perspective! Soak it in.
    My favorite highlights:
    To miss or deemphasize the humanity of Jesus means we will get a lopsided view of him and as a result, a lopsided relationship. He continues in his humanity, even in his exalted state. He understands the challenges of humanity because he was and is one of us. Jesus is just as human as you are. If we consider Jesus as a mythical, miraculous superhuman, a distant celebrity, then we are restrained from relating to him. Rather, he is relatable, and understands humanity. This makes our humanity less overwhelming. You need his help, and it is ok that you are human. He is aware of your challenges as a human and is willing and able to help you.

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