110 – David’s Tent and the Heart of Seeking God: A Conversation

In this episode, Jeremiah speaks with his friend Darrell about how the personal heart for God is more important than the exact form of seeking Him. The conversation includes a Scriptural review of the establishment of David’s tent, as well as a discussion of denominationalism, God’s priority of relationship, and the human desire for knowledge.


  1. This podcast is a solid reminder that God responds very graciously to an honest and humble heart. The story of David’s pursuit of a place to bring the Ark of God near to him in Jerusalem brings home the capacity of God to overlook our mistakes and accept us as we come to Him.
    God seems more concerned with an ongoing, growing relationship than the right or exact way you approach Him. We can make knowledge and being right more important than loving and honoring God and our neighbor. Do you desire to know the truth? It is in knowing Him……

  2. Jeremiah addressed our tendency to insist we are right, we have it figured out, and we know in podcast # 28. Good follow-up, if that aspect of this podcast caught your concerns.

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