127 – Reexamining Jesus’ Resurrection and Prophecy in the Church: A Conversation

Jeremiah speaks with regular contributor Lewis Brown. Topics include the relational exchange that God wants with his people, the resurrection of Jesus as a foretaste of the redemption of creation, and the biblical view of the role of prophecy in the Church. Cool stuff!


  1. Ok, I was on this podcast and yet I gotta say this conversation was intense and thought-provoking. Enjoy!!

  2. Howard and I just listened to this and we felt the same as Lewis, it was very thought-provoking, and much truth was presented in the conversation. One outstanding point, and that is God is very interested in a relationship with him, and that God will work with anybody if he has a relationship with that person. I know this but it brought out another perspective of reaching into the heart of God. Thank you.

  3. This was very much prophecy. Edifying and encouraging and comforting. The assurance of the LORDSHIP of JESUS over our humanity on all it’s facility is necessary in our everyday walk. HIS victory over sin and death and our adoption are the blessed assurance that build up our most holy faith. You guys witnessed to all that. Love you both

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