134 – For Deeper Relationships, Include People in Your Process

Jeremiah talks about a simple principle that governs how deep our relationships will get. The hypothesis is that the act of sharing your questions, confusion, and challenges will lead to deeper relationships. The experiment is to choose to be vulnerable and allow people into your process of seeking God and finding your way in life.

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  1. Simple and deep! Several additions to the main idea are very valuable.
    For me the main point:
    1) God help you identify the people you want to have a deeper relationship with, and 2) then take steps to be vulnerable, to share your everyday life process, not just your finished decisions and successes. Share your inner conflicts and frustrations, your questions and doubts, your process of discovering the next steps. The honesty will build trust and they will really know you. And you will find a more abundant entrance into the kingdom of God….

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