132 – Review of “Letters to a Devastated Christian,” by Gene Edwards

Jeremiah reviews the book “Letters to a Devastated Christian,” by Gene Edwards. The book contains a number of letters written by the author to a Christian who had been traumatized by his participation in an authoritarian Christian church. The book addresses why authoritarianism appears in many different Christian circles, as well as what the devastated Christian should do about it. 


  1. Wow, a kind and objective session to help sort out part of my life! An honest look at the failures of human leadership in groups, but I am also challenged to talk with God about my choice to be a part, my lessons during my time, my motivations for staying involved in a church (or organization) where there was authoritarian leadership.
    “God was moving, don’t miss that. It was imperfect but God still met you in it because your heart was genuine.”
    “Put your devastation into the hands of God and let Him take care of you.”

  2. I read this book in late 2018 and it enhance my ability to not point the finger but to trust the FATHER’S plan for my life.
    Thanks for the review Jeremiah

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